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Welcome to the Duplication Centre FTP site

New to FTP? No problem. FTP is just a way of transferring large files. On your computer, simply create a folder containing your artwork (give it a name which we can attribute to your order). Click the link below to enter the FTP site. Then drag and drop the folder on your computer into the Client Uploads folder on the FTP site. After you have done this email ftp@duplicationcentre.co.uk to let us know your work is there.

Enter FTP Site: ftp.duplicationcentre.co.uk

Please email us once you have uploaded your files.

If you are having any diffulty uploading via your PC or Mac you can use our new File Upload facility: www.duplicationcentre.co.uk/upload.htm

Address: Duplication Centre, Gleniffer House, 2 Hall Road, Rochford, Essex, SS4 1NN.    Tel: 01702 530 354    Email: info@duplicationcentre.co.uk