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Cellophane wrapping (cellowrap) for CD, DVD, and Blu-ray cases

Seal your disc case in plastic film for the final finesse to your CD, DVD, or Blu-ray duplication project. You’ve got the high resolution Ducucolor(r) printing, on nicely weighted glossy paper, in a triple A graded professional case, housing a vividly printed disc, and it’s all ready to hand out to your customers. Now just seal it in a thin layer of plastic to give a market leading feel to the final product.

Cellophane wrapping with either cellowrap or shrinkwrap, is a semi-automated process which heat seals a thin layer of plastic around your CD, DVD or Blu-Ray case. Both of these processes produce fully sealed units which not only look professional but are then fit for sale on the internet. Both plastic wraps are easily removed and then discarded. We also provide cellobag options for card wallets and digi-paks which seal in a similar way to envelopes and again add the professional finish to your order.

All our operations, including cellowrapping are carried out in house. We duplicate in house, we carry out the on body disc printing in house, we print the accompanying booklets, and inlay cards in house, we fold everything in house, and of course we apply the cellophane wrapping in house. This makes for fast turnaround time, allows us to direct a high level of service, and to keep our prices low.