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DVD wrap and DVD booklet printing services

Our DVD wraps, DVD booklets, and all our disc case products are printed in full Xerox(r) digital Ducucolor. Combine with good graphic design and the result is vivid colours and an enchanting design.

How does the DVD wrap and booklet look and feel?

Achieving a professional feel means using professional materials, and certainly not cutting corners. 210gsm paper has been found to give the right weight to feel good in a customer’s hands. We use Xerox(r) stock gloss paper for a professional shine. All our work, our products, our dedication, our turnaround, our customer experience, is to a high level.

How is a DVD case composed?

A DVD case has two main printed parts, a wrap and a booklet. Many clients, however, just choose to have a DVD wrap.

A DVD wrap is the printed insert that fits into the clear pocket on the outside of the case. These can either be printed single sided, or if you are using clear DVD cases, printed double sided. The printed booklet fits into the inside cover of the case and is held in place by 2 clips. The booklet can either be a single printed card, a card printed on both sides or a 4 page double sided card. You can choose to print in full colour throughout or have a full colour cover and black and white text inside.

Alternatively, place your DVD in a slick CD case

The light feel of a CD case? Or the fullness of a DVD case?

Many clients such as software house choose to have a DVD packaged in a CD case. A slick CD clamshell gives a lighter feel.

Booklet in plastic wallet – the cost effective alternative option to the DVD booklet and wrap

A plastic wallet is light and portable and cheap – by far the cheapest option. A slick modern technique is to place a single or double sided card inside the plastic wallet. This is a progressive method that looks professional, with a light minimalist feel, and low cost.

Accurate folding and professional guillotining go without saying!

Products are accurately cut, folded (properly), and sent to you ready to go. Would you like some cellowrap with that? We will even optionally cellowrap you completed DVD product. Finesse. There.

We provide the full service; a full product, at low prices, a dedicated service, fast turnaround and secure delivery.