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Latest news

  • Will my song titles show when I play my CD in a computer?

    Computers use an online database to display CD information, the most common one is known as Gracenote, a more detailed article on Gracenote can be found here Gracenote CD Database and CD-TEXT. Tunes and Windows Media Player DO NOT read and CD-Text embedded on the actual CD, at all! This is common for all computer CD […] [more]

  • Happy New Year!

    Everyone at Duplication Centre wishes you a Very Happy New Year. We are here to help with both duplication and replication services and are happy to chat about new projects or old re-runs on 01702 530354. You can get an instant quotation or learn more about the duplication process; just select the section you want […] [more]

  • Christmas Message From Duplication Centre!

    Everyone at Duplication Centre: Martin,Mark,Una,Mark,Jo,Abi,Chanelle,Anna,Tig and Phil all wish you and you families a Very Happy Christmas! Looking forward to working with both New and Existing Customers in the New Year! We continue to work in both Duplication Services, Replication Services,Digital Publishing & Fulfilment and Waterproof Printing and we are happy to chat to you […] [more]

  • School Christmas Productions.

    We duplicate many DVD’s for School’s and College’s in the run up to Christmas. It is a great way to give families a lasting memory of these special production’s and a brilliant way to raise funds if you decide to sell them. Give us a call to see how we can help you get this […] [more]

  • Congratulations

    Congratulations to Country Music Social Media, one of our regular customers who recently won UK Country Radio Awards for both male & female country singer of the year and had 14 other nominations. The British Country Music awards take place on 25th November this year and includes nominations for artists on the Cd we recently […] [more]

  • Remembrance Day

    As we approach Remembrance Day we are proud to have duplicated many DVD’s and CD’s dedicated to the many who lost their lives in the Two World Wars and in other conflicts around the world. We support Help For Hero’s and salute all those who fought to make the world a better place; and for […] [more]

  • Working with Young People

    We have worked for many years with Rookie Rockstar’s who work with Young People to help improve their mental health and well being. Another recent customer Afan Arts also work with Young People to to help them realise their potential and ability often in the face of difficulties. Rookie are based in Scotland and part […] [more]

  • Why do colours look different on my Monitor and Printer?

    Why is it that your printed colours look different to what you see on your monitor? Everything looks great on the screen but the prints come out subtly different. The truth is you will never see a perfect match between images on the screen and images on paper, they are simply put, two very different […] [more]

  • New Product

    Just live on our Web-Site for the start of October is the New 4 Page Lancing Pack. The Lancing pack is a 4 panel card wallet which opens like a book. Printed in full colour front,back and inside using our industry leading digital press. There are 4 panels for your artwork and an opening on […] [more]

  • Cellowrap, Shrinkwrap & Cellobags

    Here at Duplication Centre we offer all three of these options for giving your CD/DVD or Blu-Ray the fully professional finished look. What is the difference? CELLOWRAP: We use this process for wrapping Single Standard DVDs along with Double DVDs,3 Way and 4 Way DVD cases and for all Standard Single and Double Jewell cases. […] [more]

  • Duplication Centre Ltd on #Google https://t.co/rTwEKAGf0B [more]

  • Printed Parts Are Important

    All of our customers are producing a CD,DVD or Blu-Ray to communicate Audio and/or Visual, Music, Spoken Word, Information or Performances to their audience/customers. This is the main event! With a physical CD, DVD or Blu-Ray however there is another dimension/medium available to express visually in Word, Picture and Images through the use of printed covers […] [more]

  • Helping Our Customers https://t.co/03Ot9NOMEZ [more]

  • Amaray Eco-friendly DVD cases

    We have always favoured the Amaray DVD cases. Their quality in the industry is well known and we value using high quality professional cases for all our orders.   We just thought that we would update you about our choice to use the Amaray Ecolite cases whenever we can which you will notice if you […] [more]

  • If you need any help or advice with your CD/DVD or BLU-RAY duplication we are here to help, with our...

    If you need any help or advice with your CD/DVD or BLU-RAY duplication we are here to help, with our years of experience and expertise.
    We now have live chat on our web-site and calls coming direct to our trained staff who can offer personal service to assist you in your decision making or offer technical advice if needed.
    We were the first duplication company to offer an online calculator and this continues to be incredibly popular, allowing customers to find prices for different configurations and quantities really quickly....without sending emails back and forth!
    We pride ourselves on offering high quality products with professional and friendly service. [more]

  • Which CD/DVD Case is Right for You?

    This article is revisiting the topic of casing and giving a more up to date analysis of what is available and popular at the moment. Over the last few years there has been a great shift in the type of CD/DVD casing chosen by customers.This is partly due to the increasing access we all have […] [more]

  • Recycling /Upcycling,

    If you care about ecology and the careful and efficient use of our worlds resources you will be interested in reading read this article. We have always viewed our general efficiency, in all aspects of our work as part of being an eco-friendly and responsible British Company. This includes the responsible choice and use of our […] [more]

  • CD-TEXT and the Gracenote Database

    Gracenote CD Database and CD-TEXT We live in an age where all things exist on the cloud, but this is only partly true for the text information’s we see when playing CD-Audio disc. There are in fact two ways to add track text info to a disc: In the beginning, not long after CDs were […] [more]

  • Beginners Guide to Physically Shipping Your Own CD

    The following is an article written by one of our customers. It gives an overview of a band looking at the different ways of  selling their cd’s to fans, outside of selling them at gigs. Read the original article here: http://blog.samrussell.co.uk/physically-ship-cd/ March 27, 2018 by Sam Russell Getting started releasing my own music was a learning curve. Not only […] [more]

  • Physical copies of music such as CDs are outselling digital versions https://t.co/4vIMmisbE1 via @MailOnline [more]

  • The Blu-Ray

    The Blu-ray Disc founder group was started in 2002 by MIT and nine leading Electronics Companies: Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Phillips, Thomson, LG Electronics, Hitachi, Sharp and Samsung Electronics.   The name is taken from the blue laser that is used to read from and record to a Blu ray disc, the blue laser allows for […] [more]

  • Digital Publishing https://t.co/EOtV91UdYt [more]

  • We've extended our 5 extra free with every order till April 30th. https://t.co/ClMJDPSjJq [more]

  • The CD Is Still Going Strong

    Even in this age of digital streaming the CD still has value in the music industry. Listeners, especially those of the younger generation understandably turn to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. The outlook for the  humble CD from some perspectives in the music industry may look a little dreary but the reality for […] [more]

  • The CD business isn't dying: https://t.co/ug6uNVT1AB [more]

  • We have just launched our sister company, https://t.co/WjHT8qhgN2 Sell your digital products: Music, Video and info… https://t.co/LqcAzDWIkX [more]

  • RT @tomseals: Thanks to both @CosmosCartridge & @dupcen for their fantastic service today! 👍👍👍 [more]

  • We're offering 5 Extra Free Units with every order placed in February. To take advantage of our special offer visit… https://t.co/tLiTAMO8Dn [more]

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CD Duplication

Duplication Centre offers the UK's leading CD duplication service offering high quality CD duplication at cost effective prices. We specialize in high quality, CD duplication working with leading blue chip companies, government organisations, medium and small business, individuals and bands. Our service is fast, reliable and we guarantee next day delivery anywhere in the UK.

DVD Duplication

We also offer services in DVD Duplication with prices starting as low as £ 0.84 for a hundred DVDs. All our services are provided in house up to runs of 1000 disks. We have years of experience in DVD Duplication allowing us to provide the highest level of quality and service.

Duplication Centre is truly one of the UK's leading CD DVD Duplicators - just view our live customer ratings on our homepage.

CD and DVD Printing

Here at Duplication Centre we offer high quality CD Printing and DVD Printing using our full colour direct to disk printing process. We use high quality 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution using R-Quest™, the industries leading hardware. Our CD Printing and DVD Printing includes a professionally coated layer of protective lacquer to protect the body printing.

CD and DVD Copying

For runs of 5-1000 we have some of the most sophisticated hardware available in the industry. All CD Copying and DVD Copying is done in house to provide the best CD Copying and DVD Copying service available in the UK. Duplication Centre will manage the whole CD copying or DVD copying process for you and also offer print and packaging solutions so your job is returned to you ready to go.

CD and DVD Replication

CD Replication and DVD Replication use a process that is different to duplication; the product and procedure differs slightly. The full difference is described in our FAQ page. Duplication Centre's CD and DVD Replication services are carried out by our sister company Replication Centre. Please visit their website for details and online ordering.

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