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Digipak is an alternative to plastic jewel cases

Digipaks were among the first alternatives to plastic jewel cases, and the term is now used generically to refer to a gatefold paperboard or card outer binding, with one or more plastic trays capable of holding a CD or DVD attached to the inside.

Unlike the fragile jewel case, the Digipak is virtually shatter-proof and additionally, allows great graphic display as well as being extremely versatile, the most common type holds a single disc in four printed page cover.

Digipaks are now widely used in the retail market, particularly for limited-edition gift sets, because they increase the value and create a premium product.

Professional Digital Production Printing

Digipaks are produced using our professional digital laser production printer which gives a high quality product. The costs of producing the Digipaks is now low enough that runs of 5 or many thousand are more are economical and Duplication Centre are pleased to be able to offer this exciting format as a viable alternative to the traditional jewel case or DVD box.