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DVD Duplication

DVD Duplication Services

Professional DVD Duplication is the fast copy of 5 - 1000 DVDs (or more if you use our Replication Services), with optional selection of cases, and professionally printed DVD booklets, DVD wraps, or slim CD booklets and inlay cards. A wide selection of option is available. Our options and prices are available online

Duplication Centre’s DVD Duplication services provide discs that look and feel like a quality high street disc, and that’s because they are.

Quality means producing a DVD that looks and feels like a distinguished high street DVD

We’ve written a guide to help you understand DVD Duplication.

Producing DVD Duplication with a distinguished feel

Duplication Centre knows how to produce a quality product. It’s all in the details. Here’s what we do:

  1. Artwork is applied direct to the body of your DVD disc using R-Quest digital processes
  2. We use quality branded triple A graded professional cases that feel good in your hands
  3. We print your DVD booklet, DVD wrap, inlay cards using high resolution Xerox(r) Ducucolor
  4. Artwork is accurately guillotined and folded, and assembled with optional cellophane wrapping

It’s not just the product. We provide customer experience.

We don’t stop at a quality product and low prices. We are dedicated to being the best. Over fifty percent of our business is return customers, despite a heavy budget towards new customers – that is proof of our product, low prices, and dedicated service.

  • Fast service – extra fast on request
  • Dedicated staff that communicate with you
  • Dedication to our business operations

Knowledge and investment in DVD Duplication

We are a high investment company. We are constantly moving and exploring. That doesn’t just mean commercial growth, that means providing new products, new technology, internal investment into our systems, and external investment in our customers through customer service.

Duplication Centre pioneered the UK market. We were one of the first to provide a comprehensive price calculator, and that was just the start. We were one of the first to provide an open pricing structure, which our competitors later used as a benchmark reference. We were the first S.M.E in the CD and DVD Duplication business to use Smart Workflow automation to keep our projects running smoothly, and to allow us to focus our energy where it’s needed – into our customers, into our products, and into industry knowledge.