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12 things to ask before choosing your DVD Duplication company

1. Are prices fully inclusive?

Please make sure any prices you are quoted are fully inclusive. Other companies might charge you for:

  • set up fees
  • under and over run charges.

All Duplication Centre prices are fully inclusive.

2. What DVDs will be used?

Please make sure you know what DVDs will be used for your DVD duplication. Who are they manufactured by? There are lots of very cheap DVD-r discs in the market which are very susceptible to scratching and therefore don’t last very long. In addition the on body printing on a cheap disc will look …. cheap.

Duplication Centre exclusively use premium Professional DVD-r.

3. Are cases branded?

Please ensure you know what cases are provided. You have spent a lot of time producing your artwork and content. This could all be diminished if your job returns in brittle flimsy cases that break easily and feel cheap.

Duplication Centre exclusively use triple A graded professional cases

4. Are deliveries guaranteed?

Please ensure that your delivery is sent by guaranteed – signed for delivery. Your important job can go astray.

Duplication Centre send all jobs by overnight, signed for delivery, anywhere in the UK.

5. Is a tracking number provided?

What happens if your parcel goes astray? Make sure the company you trust your business with provides you with a tacking number for all deliveries.

Duplication Centre email you a tracking number for you to track the status of your delivery on-line.

6. What is the quality of printed parts?

What printing process is used? Is this done in house?

Duplication Centre handle all printing in-house using the latest technology Xerox® Colour printing technology. We print up to 2400x2400 DPI using Xerox® stock.

7. What is the quality of the on body print?

Will my DVDs have a shop quality finish?

Duplication Centre produce industry leading on body printing at 4800x1200 DPI. Email samples@duplicationcentre.co.uk with your name and address and we will send you samples of work we have done for BP and other clients.

8. Is artwork guillotined?

Please ensure that your artwork will have sharp professionally guillotined edges. Many of our clients have previously been provided with artwork that has been torn out of a perforated sheet!

Duplication Centre professionally guillotine all artwork with the exception of rear inlays that have perforated fold up sides, this is the industry norm.

9. How much care goes into packing?

Make sure the work that you have worked so hard to produce doesn’t arrive smashed!

Duplication Centre take a lot of care to make sure we do all we can to minimise breakages in the way we pack your job. We also re-cycle packing parts so we don’t contribute to wasting natural resources.

10. What is the breakages policy?

Make sure that if breakages do occur they are dealt with quickly and professionally.

Duplication Centre will immediately replace any broken items free of charge.

11. What if I have not got a master to send you to duplicate from?

Make sure the company you deal with know the important details of creating CD/DVD/Blu Ray masters.

If you are not sending a physical master in the post, you can upload files to us and we will create the CD/DVD/BluRay master that is required for the process to work. As an ex recording studio, we know the ins and outs of creating industry standard professional masters. This service is £10 ex vat per job or £25 ex vat depending on what file format you send.

12. Are there Professional people there I can actually talk to?

Make sure the company you deal with know the importance of picking up the phone, replying immediately on live chat and answering emails.

Sounds Basic? We are constantly told by our clients that this is what’s sets us apart. You will see this on our google feedback where we have received over 500 reviews.

Some of our clients:

Cables & Wireless
Christian Aid
London Business School
Tarmac Limited
Corpus Christi College Cambridge
University Of Bath