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Before Sending Your Master


Your duplicates follow your master:

MP3 CD master = MP3 CD duplicates
Data CD Master = Data CD duplicates
Audio CD Master = Audio CD Duplicates

E.g. If you want CDs that play in domestic CD players you must send an Audio CD


Your duplicates follow your master:

Data DVD Master = Data DVD duplicates
DVD Video Master = DVD Video duplicates
Software DVD Master = Software DVD duplicates

E.g. If you want DVDs that play in domestic DVD players you must send a DVD Video

Please Check Your Master Behaves As You Want It To

If there is an error on your master – there will be an error on your duplicates

We do extensive checking to ensure your duplicates are 1:1 replicas of your master. However, we cannot amend or edit your master in any way.

Address: Duplication Centre, Gleniffer House, 2 Hall Road, Rochford, Essex, SS4 1NN.    Tel: 01702 530 354    Email: info@duplicationcentre.co.uk