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BD –Live: a bridge to Digital

BD - Live's ability to connect with social networks is essential to its success

Blu Ray disc format is opening doors for a wide range of advanced applications and can be a powerful marketing tool. Whilst the BD player was designed for watching movies, BD – Live can enhance this experience and at the same time integrate its fans communities online.

It’s also a perfect tool for collecting marketing data and who could want more? In order to make an optical disc BD – Live enabled you have to put some software on it. This process is called boot – strapping and later allows you to connect with the server, searching for any software updates.

With this, the path to promote market relevant content becomes widely open. Extra information about cast, crews, various aspects of the movie production and film trailers can be brought to the screen. If you want to extend, if not exceed the experience, you can immerse into an online communication with other viewers. The access to extra movie content can be via electronic sell – though ( EST ) or by video – on – demand ( VOD ) transactions. Attractive, frequently updated and well managed content is the key to keep the fans interested as well as bring in new ones and to integrate them around films or brands through social networks.

From the mass merchandisers perspective, BD – Live looks like a fulfilled dream. It makes the consumers’ response fully measurable and accessible, so it can be aimed at a precisely selected group of clients, providing a cost effective campaign with a high response rate. Every prefernce can be tracked: what is being watched / purchased, for how long and at what frequency. This makes the e – commerce opportunites indefinately rich, especially in branches like entertainment, automotive, software, travel and leisure.

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