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Disc-based Promotion and Marketing

Optical disc media have traditionally been associated with entertainment content delivery: music; film; games; software etc., and that is by far where their major applications lie, but with the costs of mass duplication / replication tumbling, many other exciting uses are presenting themselves:

One case in point is promotion / marketing: for a business wanting to promote and present themselves, their products and the services they offer in a unique way, there is little to compete with the style, appeal and simplicity of a promotional CD-ROM, DVD etc…

Sending out a mailshot of promotional discs to a carefully-targeted list of potential clients and existing customers alike is a very effective way of generating interest – holding attractively-packaged physical media in the hand encourages viewing of the contents in a way that browsing online can never compete with. Instead of waiting for potential clients to stumble on your website, a promotional disc can present your product or services right on their desks and also then direct traffic to your website.

Promotional discs (whether CD-ROM; DVD or even Blu-ray) offer an ideal way for a company to circulate their corporate information on a once-off or regular basis.  The format will allow for the electronic reproduction of a complete catalogue if required, and could even be used as a replacement for a printed brochure, with a large saving on printing and postage costs.

Free from the limitations if the internet, such promotional discs can contain video documentaries, animated and musical introductions and other “bandwidth-hungry” forms of visual entertainment.

It is now easy and cheap to produce the material with interactive and animated menus, attractive sleeve artwork, and duplicating costs are very cheap – small wonder that so many businesses and institutions are taking advantage of the edge that promotional discs can give their businesses:

University / school prospectuses;

Charity promotion and awareness;

High-value Property marketing;




Duplicationcentre can help with all aspects of design / production, so give us a call now to see how easily your business could get the edge.

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