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Duplication or Replication :17th October 2022

Lots of people ask this question, quite legitimately….it can be confusing !!

First point is …we do both !!

Duplication is done in-house and the replication work  is done by our sister company in the Czech Republic.

Both of these processes for the manufacture of CD’s & DVD’s, work very well along side eachother.

What is the difference then?

There are quite a few differences but the  main ones for you to know are:

The processes used in each are very different.

With duplication we inkjet print and burn your content on to already existing discs.

With replication we create a glass master from which your discs are then created.

Duplication is fast turnaround production and replication takes 10-15 working days.


With a duplicated disc you may occasionally get a cd or dvd player that simply rejects the disc….this is rare nowadays but can very occasionally happen.

With a replicated disc however this will never happen.


In general duplication is for smaller quantities 1-1000, whereas to have a replciated order you need to be having a minimum of 500 discs being produced.


For a much more detailed accoutn of this please read the FAQ’s here,


or call and speak to us and we will be happy to go in to more detail with you.

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