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Copy Protection

Although there are copyright laws in existence today, copy protection is a much-needed requirement. Unauthorised CD duplication and piracy is a flourishing illegal business and you are well within your rights to ask for video protection, CD copy protection, data protection, copy protection for important and/or sensitive data. It goes without saying that unauthorized copying can cause untold harm to the business in question or even to your personal information.

There are a number of copy protection solutions available dependent upon the type of media to be used and content (data or video) to be protected.

CDs and DVDs may be copy protected, using a security software package. Currently, there are two methods used to secure a copy protected CD or DVD. The first method involves creating a physical mark (watermark) on the CD or DVD during the burning process. The second method involves encrypting the CD or DVD data in a “pre-master” version of the resulting disc. Copy protection software may use one of these methods, or may combine methods for added security. Some low cost options include CDShield and CrypKey. Both of these packages encrypt the CD or DVD data to prevent copying. Both of these offer trail versions for evaluation, so it’s easy to give it go.

Copy protection may be a worthwhile step to take when duplicating CD and DVDs for your business to distribute. However it is worth mentioning that this will never guarantee you against unauthorized copying of information. The internet is full of forums with advice on how to rip copy protected CD/DVDs  as well as downloadable software created especially to decrypt almost any type of encrypted CD/DVD, including the latest Blue-ray movies.

Before duplicating your work on CD or DVD it is most certainly worth considering copy protecting it, especially if you are going to sell and distribute the end product.

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